Lent 2010 And That Great Group Of Ballplayers From The South Bronx

I’ve got it. The perfect thing to give up for Lent. I am going to beat swords into baseball bats and give up my hatred for the New York Yankees during Lent.

Catholic folk tradition holds that you give something up during the period between Ash Wednesday and Good Friday–something that you like. This is what has launched a million “no Candy during lent ” pledges etc. The idea is that you learn about sacrifice and learn that it is good to strengthen your character through a more active adherence to your faith.

O.K. I’m Episcopalian, a .k. a. “the permissive catholics” We don’t do suffering, we don’t do guilt. But this elimination of my burning hatred for that nice group of ballplayers from the S. Bronx will be good for me. Let go of frustration, live life focused on the good, not the bad. Don’t dwell on the sins of others, but instead focus on the possibility of your own grace.

Besides, Lent ends on Good Friday. Opening Day this year is on Easter Sunday . . . and that first game for the Sox is against those great players from Gotham, at Fenway. Two days to stoke the fires and get my hate back on. Piece of cake!


One thought on “Lent 2010 And That Great Group Of Ballplayers From The South Bronx

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