Fuck You, Southwest Air!

I’ve always been a big Kevin Smith fan. (I even enjoyed Jersey Girl–Carlin was great in that flick!) I’ve seen all the movies and I own many of the DVD’s. I’ve read the books, seen the Q & A’s–I’m all in for Kev.

I’m even more of a fan today. As you may have seen, Kevin was escorted off a Southwest Air flight, allegedly because the airline thought he violated their “People of Size” rules for safety–ie: he was too fat to safely fly.

As he points out, this is all bullshit. He was seated in his seat, the armrest was down between him and the next passenger and he was buckled in–without a seatbelt extender. He has taken his argument to social media and has engaged in a smackdown of the airline–woe to the corporation that disses someone with 1.6 million Twitter followers. Kev is fighting to reclaim his pride–as a fat person who still fits within the parameters of Southwest’s rules.

My concern is for those people who may not meet the criteria. I’m a large person, likely to fall afoul of those same rules. I can bring down the armrest between myself and the adjacent seatmate, but I do need an extender belt. Conceivably, I could be made to buy a second seat or face being kicked off a plane.

What everyone of large girth is fighting when they board one of these airlines is what eventually brought down Kevin–corporations have arbitrary rules that are leveled against fat folks with little consistency or reason. As Kevin pointed out in one tweet, he caught the eye of another fat person as he was being escorted out and the guy looked like he was praying that he wasn’t next.

This is what it has come to. As Kate Harding, creator of the body image blog Shapely Prose, writes in the Salon.com article “Flying While Fat”:

I think of the non-famous people who have been thrown off flights for making thin people uncomfortable — the brother and sister on their way home from their mom’s memorial service, the man who didn’t make it to a family funeral at all, the man living on disability who couldn’t afford a second seat to meet with doctors about a liver transplant — and all of the commenters at my blog who say, every time we talk about this, “I’m terrified to fly” or “I just don’t fly.” Not because they have anxiety disorders, or they were traumatized by “Lost,” or because airplane terrorism has done its job on them — because they’re fat. And they can’t afford two seats.

Of course, most of the commenters on these stories are negative–either Kevin Smith is: a) a whiny Hollywood spoiled brat; b) seeking publicity for his new film or; c) is a fat fuck who brought it on himself. The comments against fat folks are comiing fast and furious–even a CNN poll has a clear majority supporting the fucking airline.

Fuck you, Southwest Air! Kevin, I’ll be at the first night showing of Cop Out on February 26th! Peace, brother.


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