A Mid-Winter’s Discussion Of Organizing

Update: this blog post got linked to by the newpaper’s Sunday Postscript: both on page A2 of the printed Sunday January 31st Post-Standard and here at their website. Thanks to Brian Cubbison at the Post.

An interesting little conversation on organizing has developed over on CNY’s hub of blogging: NYCO’s Blog CNY.

My comments may seem a bit more philosophical than normal, viewing organizing through the prism of the prospects of long term change. This is probably due to the recent passing of two SUN members, folks that I have had the privilege to work with over many years.

Marie was a founding member of SUN, back in the late 1970’s. Her family has become a 2 generation activist family–Marie’s daughter Cynthia has become a very active member of the Southside group I work with and has served on our organization’s Board of Directors.

Johnnie Mae was one of the first SUN folks I met when I started organizing in 1994. My first big campaign was dealing with drug dealing on Cannon Street–and Johnnie was a proud and active resident of this area. Johnnie also provided the quote we use on our organization’s brochure to describe our activities:

“We have to fight for our own rights, no one else will do it for us.”


One thought on “A Mid-Winter’s Discussion Of Organizing

  1. Cindy W.

    New to this blog – who are you? No e-mail given, no name – but as a possible new move to Syracuse area (know central NY from many past visits) would like to establish contact with a real community organizer …


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