So Much For My Delusions Of Grandeur

So, in the morning I facilitated the last of three meetings of the Community Development sub-committee for the Mayor-Elect Miner transition team. (more on that whole process in a while.) I’m feeling pretty good–like I’m some sort of mover and shaker. Hobnobbing with other plugged in citizens–heads of foundations, housing non-profits, ESF professors–and helping to shape a report to the new Mayor on how to improve our community and its housing. Pretty heady stuff for a lowly community organizer.

I had to rush back to work to finish up the details of a second, evening meeting. I had gotten a personal commitment from Mayor-Elect Miner to attend the meeting and give us her thoughts on the issues that Southsiders had prioritized for the next year (our Holiday Wishlist we called it.) So I’m feeling pretty special–policy wonk by day, political insider and organizer by night.

The meeting had a lot of moving parts–since it was also a Holiday Party–lots of stuff to lug around, people to call to confirm their dishes–I was up late cooking my famous Turkey Chili the night before. But it would all be worth it–I had gotten the Mayor-Elect to agree to come to our meeting. I can apparently move mountains.

I was nervous when not many folks had shown up by the 6:30 PM start, but we’re a late arriving bunch. We ended up with a real decent crowd–35 folks, a mix of regulars and some new recruits. We started with our monthly report from the area patrol officers and had a good discussion about some specific problems in our neighborhood. Then I gave my report, stretching out my usual 5 minute remarks to 10 minutes because Mayor-Elect Miner still hadn’t arrived.

Thank goodness we voted to start our holiday party after my report because Mayor-Elect Miner never did show. As my mother often warned me: “don’t get a big head, buster.” I can’t move mountains. I’m not a mover and shaker. But I am an organizer and I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with the leaders of the Southside Coalition, feasting on some amazing dishes (the green bean, ground beef and yellow rice casserole by one of our Board Members is to die for–thanks Marva!) and sharing holiday cheer. My leaders are the real movers and shakers!


2 thoughts on “So Much For My Delusions Of Grandeur

    1. Mayor-Elect Miner had a family activity come up. One of her assistants called SUN, but the voice mail was left at 5:45 PM for a
      6:30 PM meeting–I was already at the hall setting things up (heating up the chili!, in fact). Mayor-Elect Miner sent an apology via e-mail this morning. Stuff happens, so it was actually a good opportunity to sit down and take stock of what really is important–and it was a nice party. My mom’s not around anymore so I don’t have anyone warning me about not taking myself so seriously.

      The chili was polished off last night–the last bits shared between me and my three doggies as a midnight snack.

      Turkey Chili:

      In medium size soup pot: Saute 1 big yellow onion, a couple of green peppers and 2-3 large cloves garlic (minced) in olive oil until golden. Add ground turkey (2 lbs), stirring and breaking bits up so it doesn’t clump, until mostly brown.

      Add 1 large can crushed tomatoes (Even though they are out of season and taste like cardboard, I also like to throw in a couple cut up/diced “fresh” tomatoes just for texture.) Add 2 cans beans–white, kidney, garbanzo, black, pinto–whatever you like.

      Add 8-12 oz bottled salsa verde (Wegman’s has great selection) and 1-2 tablespoons chili powder (I’m guessing on amounts as I usually just shake both out of their bottles)

      simmer over medium heat (low boil) for about an hour.


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