Cancel The Super Bowl And Have The Who Play All Of Quadrophenia

Update: after spending last night listening to almost all of The Who’s albums, I amend my vote to “Cancel the Super Bowl and have The Who play all of “Live At Leeds.”

The correct answer to the inevitable “Stones or Beatles?” question is, of course, The Who. It was recently announced that The Who would play during halftime of the upcoming Super Bowl. It should be an interesting show.

Well, check that. It will be an interesting spectacle. These aren’t shows anymore. Limited to 12 minutes of playing time with only five minutes to set up the stage, the Super Bowl halftime show is a memorex special. Even Bruce Springsteen, the acknowledged master of live performance, played last year’s Super Bowl show with backing tapes and only his microphone going live.

So what can The Who do? If it really is just about spectacle, then Pete better smash the guitar! It will also be sort of a bittersweet moment–neither Keith Moon or John Entwistle being around to take their bow.

What songs (or portions of songs) will they play? “My Generation” would seem to be a given. “Love Reign O’er Me?” “Won’t Get Fooled Again?” “Boris The Spider?” Just pray they don’t do something like “Eminence Front.”

My personal choice for 12 minutes–a little over, but with a little editing, you’re in.

My Generation (3:18)
Magic Bus (3:21)
Love Reign O’er Me (5:48)

or else just do a ramped up version of “A Quick One, While He’s Away!”


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