2009 International Rutabaga Curling Championships

Upstate NY’s premier international vegetable-related sports event is scheduled for Saturday December 19th–the 12th Annual Rutabaga Curling World Championship at the Ithaca Farmer’s Market.

From the official event web site:

The rutabaga torch generally arrives at high noon after an arduous journey from Mt. Cruciferous. This is followed by a Parade of the Athletes. After a few brief ceremonies we get right into the games themselves. We are expecting another performance from the Vociferous Cruciferous chorus with another rousing rendition of Handel’s “Rutabaga Chorus”.

The court is drawn within the confines of the market midway, composed of roughly flat, wooden planks. The pitch is generally around 79 feet with a circular target at the far end (see curling for a graphical representation of a similar target). Once a rutabaga has been thrown it shall lay on the field of play until all other contestants in that section have rolled. Thrown rutabagas are subject to being knocked by subsequent rolls.

Contestants and divided into three sections, each competing within themselves. The top three finishers of each section qualify for the championship round. The top three contestants in that round are awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals, along with eternal glory, honor, and fame.

Only rutabagas are allowed to be used in the competition. Turnips, any other variety of root vegetable, or member of the Cruciferae family will not be permitted. Contestants are encouraged to supply their own rutabagas, though vendors may be on hand to provide suitable rutabagas for competition. Modification of the rutabaga is acceptable so long as the rutabaga is always able to roll on every axis. Steroids are prohibited and any such use will subject the rutabaga to immediate withdrawal.

Advanced Rutabaga Studies Institute

Rutabaga Curl Wikipedia article

2008 Curl Photos

Vociferous Cruciferous Chorus’ rousing rendition of Handel’s “Rutabaga Chorus”

Check back with Still Racing In The Streets after the 19th for exclusive coverage of Team Syracuse’s foray into cruciferous vegetable bowling!


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