I Finally Found A Use For Twitter

I have a twitter account, but I find the entire service mostly unnecessary. I’m not a student with a gazillion friends who needs to know where the hot party is. I’m not a corporation attempting to manufacture buzz for a product. I couldn’t find a reason to use Twitter.

But last night was Bruce Springteen’s last concert of his Working On A Dream tour and I didn’t have tickets. Finding myself at my computer around the time the concert started, I wondered to myself–is anyone Twittering this? Well, they sure were. Go to Twitter search, enter #springsteen and voila! Virtual concert. Several Twitterers were at the show and would post each song off the setlist as it came up (especially quick was @addictedtovinyl) I’d then cue up the song on my iTunes. A couple of cover tunes I don’t have on my computer, so I played the Otis Redding version of Merry Christmas Baby and the Jackie Wilson version of Higher and Higher.

Some of the folks following the show on Twitter would post links to YouTube clips of the songs he was currently playing, but from prior Bruce shows (including a great clip of Bruce and the E Streeters doing the Band’s “Dont’ Wanna Hang Up My Rock & Roll Shoes” from 1978!)

During the course of the evening Twitterers posted a few links to photos from the concert and one person even posted some shaky video.

While I obviously would have preferred to have been in attendance, I’m glad I followed along on Twitter. It reminds me of the old-time minor league baseball practice of recreating the calls of games over the radio using teletype descriptions of each pitch.

Although many people have been worried that the E St. Band was wrapping things up for good after this show, Bruce and the band left a few hints that they’ll be back. It may take awhile, but I think I’ll have a chance to put this Twitter thing to good use again.

Next up . . . the concert for the Rock & Roll Hall of Hame–four hour highlight show on HBO this Sunday: Bruce w/ U2, Patti Smith, Tom Morello, John Fogerty, Darlene Love . . . and more!


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