Bruce & The Cleveland Boys

Bruce played Cleveland on Tuesday and he dedicated "Bobby Jean," his song about the bonds of friendship, to the Cleveland Boys–four guys from Cleveland who fell for Bruce’s music, decided they had to meet him and ended up hanging out with Bruce and the band as friends.

One of the Boys died recently but the remaining three were in the
pit, right in front of the stage during the Cleveland show. It’s
becoming apparent that the band will be taking a lengthy break from the road after the final show on November 22nd in Buffalo. These shows in the die-hard Bruce areas (Jersey, Philly, Boston, Cleveland, NYC) have poignant moments of sorrow punctuating the ecstatic nature of the music–people coming to grips with the fact that we will not be getting together with each other and the band for some time.

I’d never heard the full story of the Cleveland Boys before, just vague references to “the Boys” every once in a while–here’s a great article on the full story of the Cleveland
published in 1999, on the eve of Bruce’s E Street band reunion tour hitting Cleveland.

This story ranks up there with the one about Bruce going home with a fan to have dinner with the kid’s mom in St. Louis. The fan had met Bruce at a theatre showing Woody Allen’s “Stardust Memories,” a movie where Allen reams out his fans. The kid
asked Bruce to visit just to prove that he didn’t view his fans in
the same jaundiced light as Allen portrayed his fan base in the movie.

It looks like I will not be going to Buffalo for the tour closer
(damn the job, lack of money and family commitments!) and I’m
starting to get a little misty-eyed myself about no upcoming Bruce
shows. The rumors are flying about what will fill the void of no E Street Band shows in Bruce’s hyperactive artistic muse.
A new album would probably be out of the question since Bruce plans tours around albums. Another solo acoustic tour? Another Tracks release from the vaults? (like the rumored Streets of Philadelphia-era beat and loop heavy collection?) A tour with a
revamped Sessions Band (that’s my preference!) maybe taking on the songbook of another roots performer or delving into his undisputed love for R & B?

Apparently, the heaviest rumor is that he is writing his autobiograhy. I will, of course, purchase and read the sucker on its
publishing date–but I’d prefer some new tunes.

One thought on “Bruce & The Cleveland Boys

  1. everything you heard about the cleveland boys is true we stayed at his house and got free tickets to his concerts and back stage passes we were allowed to record his live concerts at the collisum six concerts all to gether the whole band came to a private party at the now closed family trio on west 130 th street and aparty at joes house a lot of memories yes he is a great person cleveboy johnny


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