Is There Anyone Alive Out There?

An Interesting little discussion has begun over at Sean Kirst’s blog entitled Is Facebook Killing Blogging?

It developed out of a phone conversation that I had with Sean about a totally different topic, but morphed into whether or not folks are more likely to post onto Facebook or Twitter than craft a blog post these days. I believe that is the case and I think Brian Cubbison (in the post’s comments) hit on the reason–technology creates easier mechanisms to use–and technology is moving fast these days. As a result, people re-tweet Twitter entries or use the Share This function on Facebook, they do not take the time to write a blog post.

Remember when bloggers were considered half-baked, ill-informed folks writing in their pj’s in their parents’ basements? Now bloggers are practically novelists compared to the folks cranking out 140 character tweets and 25 word facebook status updates.

Believe me, I’m fine with that. I’ve tried both new formats. I’ve largely rejected Twitter and wholeheartedly embrace Facebook. My blog still gets updated regularly for the same reasons it’s always been there–to work through my thoughts on an issue and force me to correct the typos. It’s also a neat way to keep a record of my thoughts, a digital diary of sorts.

The only times I’ve gotten large numbers of people to read this thing of mine is when I’ve inadvertently hooked into an internet meme–the “Jesus Christ was a community organizer” thing being the most prominent example, resulting in 333 hits on a single day. Usually, my hits are in the teens to twenties, but also sometimes in the single digits. Rarely will anyone post a comment.

Contrast that with the fact that I have 83 Facebook friends that presumably get my updates (granted I don’t know how many have turned my status feed off on their Wall, although I suppose I could figure that out.) A better base audience, even if it will never bust loose much further. However, even though I publicize my blog on FB–I don’t think many have made the cyber-commute over here.

To that extent, I’ll probably modify my blogging modus operandi–fewer post where I let people know news updates about things such as Bruce or the Red Sox–those can safely go to FB. I’ll do more longer pieces over here, pieces that do not presume an audience of anyone but myself.

One last note–FIVE pieces on individual candidates positions on the Mayoral race in Syracuse and not one has a readership of over 5 people? No comments? That was surprising.

One final note: Many thanks to the bloggers at the Post Standard: Brian Cubbison, Sean Kirst and Mark Bialczak, as well as independent blogger Ellen at NYCO’s Blog CNY who collectively drive about 99% of my blog’s traffic.

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