Steve Kimatian On Funding Priorities

Steve Kimatian

Fourth in a series. The community organization I work for organized an issues forum with the three candidates running for Mayor of Syracuse. These highly subjective and biased ruminations on the candidate’s remarks (I have endorsed and volunteer for Stephanie Miner) are solely those of your humble blogger and may not be reproduced without the expressed, written consent of Major League Baseball. Or if you buy me a nice present. Or if you ask nicely.

The organization I work for asked each candidate to respond to a 50-odd answer questionnaire on neighborhood issues. We then crafted an individual question to ask each candidate at the forum based on one of their responses.

Steve Kimatian: In your cover letter and in the margins of the questionnaire, you state that you agree in principle with 14 of SUN’s specific proposals, but cannot make promises about funding and staffing levels due to the economic problems facing the city. Do any of these proposals dealing with housing and crime strike you as so important that you will commit to them now, borrowing from other programs if necessary?

Steve stated that while there were certainly issues he would support by putting additional funding into their budgets, he still could not give specific commitments to dollar amounts or staffing levels until actually staring at the budget spreadsheets. Later in the evening, he referenced the demolition of vacant houses and the counseling component for his youth curfew plan as ideas that he would transfer money to from other parts of the budget.


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