Otis Jennings On Illegal Trash Set Outs

Otis Jennings

Third in a series. The community organization I work for organized an issues forum with the three candidates running for Mayor of Syracuse. These highly subjective and biased ruminations on the candidate’s remarks (I have endorsed and volunteer for Stephanie Miner) are solely those of your humble blogger and may not be reproduced without the expressed, written consent of Major League Baseball. Or if you buy me a nice present. Or if you ask nicely.

The organization I work for asked each candidate to respond to a 50-odd answer questionnaire on neighborhood issues. We then crafted an individual question to ask each candidate at the forum based on one of their responses.

Otis Jennings: You would give owners of properties with large and illegal trash set-outs a 24 hr. notice before having DPW clean up the mess and fine the owners. 24 hours is a long time for wind to blow trash around, animals to rip through bags and neighbors forced to put up with the problem. Trash smells like hell in the hot summer months. Why give problem properties a break? They don’t give neighbors a break!

Otis responded that he believed that it was a requirement to give a homeowner a 24 hour notice before picking up trash and fining them. However, he stated he was “not married to that.” I will pick things up immediately if I find it is legal to do so. Otis also asked for neighbors’ support in calling in violations to the city and expressed his desire to clean up the city.


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