For Those About To Rock . . .

Yeah, yeah, it’s an AC/DC reference but it fits. This is Giants Stadium
being prepped for the five night stand by Bruce and the E Streeters.
Another bonus–each of the five nights will find Bruce and the band doing a
complete album during the course of the show:

– Wed, Sep 30 – *Born to Run*
– Fri, Oct 2 – *Darkness on the Edge of Town*
– Sat, Oct 3 – *Born in the U.S.A.*
– Thur, Oct 8 – *Born to Run*
– Fri, Oct 9 – *Born in the U.S.A.*

I’d love to see that Darkness show. The Bruce brain trust promised some
sort of 30th anniversary reissue of the album, but nothing has appeared–and
it’s now been 31 years since Bruce’s finest album dropped. Wouldn’t it be
perfect to release, in it’s entirety, one of the 1978 tour shows that were
broadcast live by radio stations in major markets (I would love to hear
again the Capitol Theatre show from Passaic, NJ that was broadcast live on
both NY and Philadelphia radio–and I heard on a crappy FM radio in my Penn
dorm room.)

Both the album and the live shows from 1978 are clear Bruce career
highlights for MANY fans. The Born To Run box set included a DVD (and later
a separately released CD) of an entire concert in London from 1975.
Darkness deserves no less! Meanwhile–congrats to those with tix to the
final Giants Stadium concerts ever.


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