I Have Met The Enemy And It Is Me (Apologies to Walt Kelly)

I Have Met The Enemy And It Is Me (Apologies to Walt Kelly)

Great article by Michael Pollan in the NY Times, Big Food v. Big Insurance on the real reason our health care spending is out of control–a largely unsuccessul attempt to deal with the chronic illnesses Americans face because of our poor eating habits. We have to spend so much more than other countries because we are so much fatter than they are.

Pollan theorizes that the Big Insurance industry may be able to take on the heretofore unchallenged Big Food industry if the Obama health reform plan mandates close to universal coverage while eliminating cherry picking and avoidance of those with pre-existing conditions. Then Big Insurance will have an incentive to lobby the government to stop subsidizing the crap food we eat and eliminate the perverse economy that makes Cheetos less expensive than carrots.

All the policy wonk stuff is interesting to ponder, but what is most important to me is staring me right in the face–high blood pressure, sciatica, gout, lymphedema, pulmonary embolism. I eat (poorly), therefore I’m sick (a lot.)


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