This Is A True Statement, Not A Joke.

This is a true statement, not a joke.

I don’t usually read the right-wing cartoon Mallard Fillmore, but the community organizer reference caught my eye. The humor intended by the cartoonist is what he sees as a distinction made by liberals that is an equivalence in the minds of conservatives.

To my mind, there is no equivalence in the efforts of talk radio to rouse their rabble of an audience and a community organizer’s traditional efforts to agitate, educate, and organize because the talk radio crowd only does one part of the trilogy, agitate.

Talk radio DJ’s foment the whack jobs and the result is senior citizens receiving Medicare complaining about about the government takeover of their health care and people carrying signs of Obama made to look like Hitler. (Obviously ignorant of Lennonist philosophy–“if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao/You ain’t gonna make it with anyone, anyhow.”)

Organizers educate folks about why the problem exists and where the power lies to make the change that’s needed. So, yes, community organizers mobilize concerned citizens and talk radio mobilizes angry mobs.

But then, that suits each groups ultimate purpose. Organizers are trying to create a powerful organization, led by grassroots people, arguing on their own behalf to enact positive change. Talk radio just wants to get people to bloviate and tune in to their show so they can sell more advertisements.

It is interesting to see that the difference between this summer and last summer when the GOP convention tried to demonize community organizing, is now the right wants to organize too! But it’s also nice to see that the right-wing still doesn’t have a clue about organizing and how to go about doing it themselves.


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