On Michael Vick: Hound Him Until The Day He Dies

OK, so Michael Vick just signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. I’m sure that most of you are wondering what I think–given that I am both a sports fan and a doggie person. Here goes:

1) I’ve always had trouble rooting against the Iggles since Donovan McNabb went there out of Syracuse. As a Giants fan, this was a real problem. No problems now! Easy to hate on Philly.

2) The standard question–should he be allowed to play in the NFL? Sure, he served his time in prison and went bankrupt. That’s real punishment–well deserved, too. I also have the right to bark at him, hang huge “Who Let The Dog Out (of jail?)” signs, buy plenty of Michael Vick dog chew toys and generally make his life miserable. Never forget–he is a vile, violent man who beat dogs’ heads against the ground until they died. Hound him until the day he dies (pun intended.)

3) In the NYT story hyperlinked above, PETA is quoted as stating: “What sort of message does this send to young fans who care about animals and don’t want to see them be harmed?”
That’s rich, coming from a group that advocated for the euthanasia of all the Vick dogs–despite the amazing success that Best Friends Animal Sanctuary has had in helping 22 pit bulls seized from Vick recover.

In the eloquent words of rock star and animal advocate Neko Case: “PETA can fucking blow me!”


3 thoughts on “On Michael Vick: Hound Him Until The Day He Dies

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  2. Zonetha_Regret

    I have two Rhodesian Ridgebacks and I love all nice dogs. Bottom Line Michael Vick has paid his dues. Leave him alone, We all kill and eat fish,cows,chicken, deer daily just look at yourself in the mirror.He is trying to make a living like every one of us. If he was getting welfare you would still complain. If you can allow Martha Stewart to come back you better believe we will bring Mike Vick


    1. Zonetha:

      I’m glad you like dogs and thanks for commenting on my blog.

      Two points:

      1) I agreed in my post that Vick paid his dues and has the right to play in the NFL if a team wants him. I have always supported the right of ex-offenders to work their way back into society, I have volunteered with non-profit groups dedicated to this goal.

      2) No, I will not leave him alone. Perhaps one day, if he becomes the spokesperson against animal cruelty that his agents and handlers keep telling us he will be. Until that time, I will remember that he is a violent man who smashed dogs’ heads against the ground until they were dead. That is MY right.


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