Landlords (Heart) Joe, Christians (Heart) Otis, Women (Heart) Stephanie

Since I actually received a request from a long-time reader and fellow blogger asking me to continue discussing the upcoming Syracuse Mayoral campaign, here we go:

1) Joe Nicoletti probably figures he can’t win many votes in the liberal heartland of Syracuse, the University eastside, home of the powerhouse 17th Ward Democratic committee. But he does know how to get some cash out of the area. Check out this article about a city/county kerfluffle over zoning off-campus student housing in the University.

The money quote for politics fans:

Several SU-area landlords have contributed to mayoral candidate Joe Nicoletti’s campaign, but not Stephanie Miner, the Democrats’ designated candidate. On the council, she supported the new law; at least three officials from the neighborhood association have donated to her campaign.

2) A friend forwarded me an e-mail being sent to Otis Jennings supporters, asking them to attend a recent fundraiser at the Dinosaur. Now I thought the Mayor of Syracuse mainly dealt with deploying the city employees who maintain roads, police our streets, pick up trash, put out fires and keep our parks clean.

But apparently, the Mayor of Syracuse also sits athwart our degenerate culture and protects the godly from the evil secular humanists. Some choice tidbits from the e-mail:

If you and I can be honest, we have to admit that we all complain about our liberal government, and how wasteful and ungodly it has become, but we do very little about it. It’s true, isn’t it? Well Otis has tossed his hat into the ring, and is diving in after it! He’s in it up to his eyeballs, and there’s no turning back.

I believe it is the responsibility of faith-filled, patriotic Americans to back people like Otis, and thus impact a godless culture that suffers from a lack of strong moral leadership.

Well, in recent decades, people who defy Biblical principles have “come out of the closet” to challenge those beliefs, and sadly, not enough of us said anything to oppose them. The result is, today what was once shameful and destructive to children and families, is fast becoming the law of the land. And there are tidal waves of new hedonistic rhetoric that push the limits even further spewing out of every media outlet imaginable. Worse yet, in an unbelievable reversal of roles, people of faith are now the ones being invited to go “into the closet.” We’re being told not to dare speak of God and righteous values in the public forum again!

3) (Full disclosure: this blog has endorsed and volunteers for the Miner campaign.)

ElectWomen Magazine has named Stephanie’s campaign as the 4th hottest woman candidate race in the country.


One thought on “Landlords (Heart) Joe, Christians (Heart) Otis, Women (Heart) Stephanie

  1. NYCO

    LOL. Jennings supporters decrying “hedonism” and then scheduling a fundraiser at the Dinosaur?

    Remember your Alinsky. Make ’em live up to their own book of rules!


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