Life On Shuffle

10 last songs on my iPod, with an immediate one sentence reaction:

“Broken Radio,” Jesse Malin
(Duet with Bruce–still haven’t listened to rest of album!)

“Tea In The Sahara,” The Police
(A preview of Sting’s solo career–arty, pretentious and not real rockin’)

“Trouble In Paradise,” Huey Lewis & The News
(A true guilty pleasure, along with “I Want A New Drug”–sue me!)

“Crying Like A Church On Monday,” New Radicals
(Highlight of album is former child actress Danielle Brisebois from “All in The Family” spoken intro: “Make my nipples hard, let’s go!”)

“Got To Be A Better Way Home,” Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes
(August 30th 2 PM @ the N.Y. State Fair–we’re havin’ a party!!)

“Goode’s Field Road,” Drive-By Truckers
(Another Patterson Hood short story song–got to pick up his new solo disc.)

“Sanctuary,” J. Geils Band
(Loved this in the 80’s but I’ve got to admit that these days I like their 70’s stuff more.)

“Smiling Faces Sometimes,” Undisputed Truth
(Coolest name for a female singer ever: Taka Boom!)

“Crystal River,” Mudcrutch
(Byrds meet the Heartbreakers, which suits me just fine.)

“Cast Iron Arm,” Peanuts Wilson
(from the awesome box set Rockin’ Bones–1950’s rockabilly)

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