Meeting Tonight!

Meeting Tonight!

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Ah, day of meeting jitters! Will anyone show up? Of course they will, but that doesn’t stop me from worrying about it.

Last year at this time we were fighting to tear down a vacant property adjacent to a Parks & Rec Youth Center. Now that the building is gone, we can start the battle for improvements to the site. That’s about the best progress a community organizer can hope for–a win results in another issue.

There are more moving parts for me tonight than at a usual meeting, that’s probably contributing to my jitters. A long time member is stepping up tonight to chair her first public meeting. We are working at a new site, outdoors, and the set up is more time-consuming. We have two targets (Parks & Rec. Commish and the district councilor) and probably a bunch of folks who’ve never been to a SUN meeting before. (parents of kids attending center.)

But that’s what keeps it exciting! I need to remember that I could be rating fire insurance policies for a living (as I did in a past life.)

UPDATE: 39 folks in attendance–the weather forced us to set up indoors. Both targets showed. We got our commitment from both to actively pursue official park designation for the site. Many new folks to SUN came out and signed up to work on this issue. My new leader took to facilitating the meeting like a seasoned pro (despite her protestations of nerves.) All in all–great night!

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