One Reason Newspapers Are Dying: They Hate The Political Left

Despite the fact that Dan Froomkin had 3 of the top 10 most trafficked articles on Washington, he has been fired from his columnist position at the newspaper. Froomkin’s excoriating blasts on Bush foreign policy (especially torture) haven’t let up as he continued to tag the Obama administration when it backtracked on cleaning up the mess it has inherited.

As Glen Greenwald points out in two excellent posts on his blog, it is a myth to talk about the “liberal” media when there are so few journalists willing to frame arguments against either the Bush or Obama administration with a left perspective–at least in the MSM (main stream media.)

Obama is clearly not in lockstep with the left wing of his party on many issues. I am generally supportive of the President, but am leery of some of his policies, especially with respect to the war in Afghanistan. Try to find coverage critical of the President’s policies from a Left perspective anywhere except in the blogosphere. After Rachel Maddow, where do you go?

In this increasingly cyber/wired world, folks craving news and analysis with a left perspective do not have to put up with the MSM’s disdain for the left. The left owns the blogosphere (as the right owns talk radio.) There are millions of places to go–and we are leaving the newspapers behind. Why trust institutions that shilled for the Bush administration’s rush to war and torture–and seemingly still haven’t learned their lesson?


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