The Real Story On Vacant Houses In Syracuse

Many thanks to the Post Standard’s Urban Affairs editor Maureen Sieh for writing the real story on vacant houses in our neighborhoods: the fact that their number is growing and that they endanger our neighbors. Thanks also to video/photo guy Peter Chen for filming it, as well!

I am happy to see this article, and participated more than I usually like to, because I have been on a crusade to roll back the false impression that a prior Post Standard article gave about vacant houses in our neighborhoods. In February of 2008, the Post-Standard featured a story on the front page of the Sunday paper entitled “Nobody’s Home.” The article was a puff piece on the alleged progress that the Driscoll administration had made on dealing with the large volume of vacant houses in the city.

The article led me to post a rebuttal entitled : “On Vacant Houses In Syracuse.” I think that this new coverage does the trick, erasing the false information contained in that article.

Our reward? More work! Now we have to create a Land Bank, toughen up Code Enforcement, create a vacant house maintenance ordinance. It never ends. But at least the truth’s out there!


One thought on “The Real Story On Vacant Houses In Syracuse

  1. eyesonthestreet

    I’ve followed your blog for quite some time and wanted to announce the opening of my new Syracuse blog focusing on sustainability and progress, Eyes on the Street. The blog will explore issues in and around Syracuse including economic sustainability, intergovernmental reform and neighborhood revitalization. Please feel free to stop over and check us out and link to us on your blog. I look forward to working with you to help make Syracuse a better community!


    P.S. We’re also planning to announce the opening of SyraCause, an apparel line which will sell Syracuse-themed t-shirts with messages of progress, sustainability and revitalization. We’re looking to team up with artists, designers, printers to help make the vision of SyraCause a reality. Please contact me to discuss being a part of SyraCause.


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