Government Can’t End Bigotry . . .

. . . but it sure as hell can ensure that all people are treated equally under the law and are not denied the protection and benefits of the laws of our land.

That’s why I get so disheartened by many Democrats when they debate gay marriage in NY State. This is a legal issue. The government is denying gay men and women rights they are entitled to under the NY State Constitution. It’s a simple fix. The state would no longer be allowed to discriminate.

The gay marriage bill has nothing to do with religion. Religious organizations will be free to sanctify, or not to sanctify, the marriages of their gay congregation members as they see fit. This bill will only apply to the state’s civil sanctioning of marriage.

Again, that’s why it depresses the hell out of me when Democrats lean on the tired crutch that marriage is between a man and a woman–yes, in many religions this is the case. However, the state has a different set of rules by which they must operate. It’s not the bible, it’s the Constitution. The state cannot continue to allow gay men and women to be denied the equal protection of our laws.

Democrats should know better. I’m calling you out Senator Valesky and you Assemblywoman Christensen. Valesky has hinted he will not support a gay marriage bill and Christensen has already voted against the bill that passed in the Assembly.

The Democratic party is the party of civil rights. If a Democrat cannot vote to end discrimination wherever it is found, even in the face of political pressure, they should find themselves a new party. There is another a party that doesn’t give a shit about discrimination and the struggle of people against oppression, and it is a grand old party. Dave and Joan would fit right in.

2 thoughts on “Government Can’t End Bigotry . . .

  1. I can’t believe how many people and state constitutions condone the discrimination against single people. married people have an immense number of rights and privileges that single people don’t. example: social security survivor benefits. why can’t someone collect off mine but they can off someone else’s just because they were married. Yet another government shafting of the common people.


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