Record Store Day @ Soundgarden

Soundgarden neon

Today was Record Store Day across America–a day to show your support for your local indie record store. I’ve logged enough time in indie record stores in my day (RIP Spectrum Records and Desertshore Records in Syracuse and Plastic Fantastic in Philadelphia) so I trekked over to Soundgarden in Armory Square. I’m constantly finding out about new bands there–often because they’re playing it on the store sound system. The latest band that Soundgarden hipped me to is King Kahn and The Shrines–a blast of garage/punk/soul/blues/dance.

Anyway, I did my part and snapped up the following discs:

Grateful Dead: To Terrapin, Hartford ’77 Live 3-disc set of what many consider the greatest Dead show ever–they were certainly hitting on all cylinders and this was the era that I became a Dead fan.)

Dan Auerbach: Keep It Hid First solo album of the guitarist from the Black Keys. Still bluesy, but a broader sonic palette–not just guitar and drums.

Jackson Browne: Running On Empty Two disc set that has a dvd as well as the original album. This record helped get me through senior year of high school.

Ruben Blades: Live! When the temperatures are flirting w/ 90 degrees, the drinks include rum and you are lying on the beach next to your loved one–you don’t need this record. For all other times, Ruben is the man, the salsa man.

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band: Live 1975-85 I own this set on LP, but my turntable is busted and I need to do some homework for the upcoming May 14th Bruce show in Albany. I needed to hear the rocked up version of “Johnny 99” and the only-available-on-this-set, live version of “Seeds.” Together with a rocked up version of Ghost of Tom Joad, this three song stretch has been dubbed the “Recession Trio” and has been played in every concert of the current tour.

Thank you Soundgarden. Happy Record Store Day!


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