Community Organizing Is Now Hip! God Help Us.

Last Sunday, community organizing was the subject of a New York Times article in the . . . wait for it, Fashion & Style section.

This is the section described by Jack Shafer of Slate thusly:

If the New York Times’ Sunday Styles were a hairdo, it would be a wig. If it were on the menu, it would be a meringue. If it were a retail outlet, it would be Spencer’s Gifts. As a mélange of fashion notes, celebrity reporting, personal essays, and piffle, Sunday Styles resembles the old-fashioned supermarket tabloids in that it knows that it’s a stinking pile of entertaining trash and makes no apologies for it.

So, organizing is right up there with man dates, trucker hats and other important trends.

For a better take on why young people are looking at organizing careers, check out Peter Dreier’s blog post at Talking Points Memo. Dreier is a professor at Occidental College and teaches a course on organizing, as well as being the director of the Urban & Environmental Policy program at the college.


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