Bruce Is Off And Running

After the obligatory two reheasal shows at the Asbury Park exhibition Hall, Bruce’s new tour kicked off in San Jose on April 1st and followed up in Glendale AZ on April 3rd.

A great article in the L.A. Times has Bruce discussing how he puts his show together:

Afterward, Springsteen leaned against a pockmarked wall and plucked at his Telecaster with a distracted look on his face. “We’re sort of in search of the show,” he said. “I’ve got half a thing planned in my head . . . mainly we’re getting the new songs down and then finding the things that are in tune with the times and what’s going on out there right now. But, you know, we are a band built for hard times.”

Some of the interesting nuggets popping up in the early shows:

A version of Stephen Foster’s civil war-era song “Hard Times Come Again No More” that has become the first song of the encore.

A “Recession Trio” of Seeds, Johnny 99 and The Ghost of Tom Joad

“I Ain’t Got No Home” the Guthrie song he did for the “Folkways: A Vision Shared” tribute album to Guthrie and Leadbelly.

Six songs off the new album are in the basic setlist: “Outlaw Pete”, “My Lucky Day”, “Good Eye”, “The Wrestler”, “Kingdom of Days”, “Working On A Dream” “thos Life” was played at the first rehearsal, but not in any subsequent show. Bruce hasn’t even prepped the two songs I liked the most off his new album: “Life, Itself” and “What Love Can Do”–both up-tempo rockers that would have fit well. Oh well, he played every song off “Magic” eventually on the last tour–but he played about ten every night. Of course, I think Magic was one of his strongest albums, WOAD? . . .not so much.

The E Street Band is taking 12 folks out on this tour–Charlie Giordano continues to be the replacement for the late Danny Federici, Soozie Tyrell plays fiddle and he brings two of the vocalists from the Sessions Band: Curtis King and Cindy Mizelle.

May 14th in Albany, baby!


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