iPod Roulette

Life in shuffle mode–first ten songs and an immediate one sentence reaction.

“Before The Deluge”–Jackson Browne
(wow, digging the fiddle in the fadeout!)

Down In The Flood–Derek Trucks
(swampy blues–sounds timeless, recorded this year.)

“Perfect Timing”–Drive-By Truckers
(Mike Cooley has lighter touch than Patterson Hood, no less moving.)

“Midnight Visitor”–Joe Walsh
(part spacey, part folky Decemberists–why’s he wasting his talent on the Iggles?)

Concrete and Barbed Wire–Lucinda Williams
(the queen of poetic, cry-in-your-beer songs.)

“Rock ‘n’ Roll High School”–Ramones
(best line from movie–Joey: “Man, things sure have changed since we got kicked out of high school!”)

“Street Fighting Man” (live acoustic)–Rolling Stones
(“Stripped” still my fave Stones album–so different acoustic!)

“Thank You For Sending Me An Angel”–Talking Heads
(from “Stop Making Sense”–this song probably went over better with Byrne in the big suit!)

“She’s Automatic”–Rancid
(one of two, four or twenty Rancid songs that make you sing along to the chorus, pumping your fist and getting everyone wet with stale beer.)

“Time’s Up”–Living Colour
(random guitar workout for Vernon Reid to shred)

“36 Inches”–Nick Lowe
(Why isn’t this guy the biggest star in music? A pop wonder with the best album title of all time “Jesus of Cool.”)


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