The Worst Thing About The Post-Standard

The absolute worst articles printed in the Post-Standard are those occasional sidebars in the local section that say “Sean Kirst is out of the office this week. His column will return when he does.”

Mad props to Post Standard columnist (and blogger) Sean Kirst who recently won the prestigious 2008 Ernie Pyle Journalism Award from the Scripps-Howard Foundation. The award goes annually to a journalist whose writings best exemplify the human interest in the work of the legendary WW2-era reporter.

Go see Sean’s blog for a typically interesting story on his reaction to the award–but more importantly, to see a photo of his BEAUTIFUL doggie Two Tone!

Congratulations again Sean–treat yourself to a decaf coffee!

3 thoughts on “The Worst Thing About The Post-Standard

  1. thanks for pushing me, challenging me, educating me and often leading me toward terrific columns.

    and i’m glad you appreciate two-tone. one guy once described him as “a collection of spare parts.” to me, he’s just one terrific dog.



  2. I think that’s the best part of the local blog scene: actual communication amongst the participants–pro and amateur.

    As for doggies–mutts are the absolute best breed–healthier than pure breds and more in need of homes. We have three doggies that we have rescued from various levels of privation. They are amazing companions.


  3. it’s almost like these dogs know, isn’t it? as if they realize the alternative if we didn’t bring them home, and repay us with fierce – albeit eccentric, and not always timely – loyalty.



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