Stephanie Miner For Mayor

I’m sure all of you folks were breathlessly awaiting my endorsement in the Syracuse mayoral election, a contest that will be happening in a short nine months.

The writer of this blog endorses Stephanie Miner in her quest to become the next Mayor of the city of Syracuse.

In my work life, I focus on issues of neighborhood revitalization. This has afforded me the opportunity to work with almost all of the candidates for Mayor and all but one are well qualified (Alphonso Davis–do something, anything, before you run for office. Then run for an experience-appropriate position.)

I am endorsing Stephanie because I believe that she is the only candidate that understands the need for Syracuse to re-think its position on economic development. Since the days when we stole Carrier from its birthplace in New Jersey by offering tax breaks, our community has believed in the tax benefit as a tool for luring business to town.

The problem in these financially troubled times is that those taxes aren’t sufficient to meet some of our community’s most basic needs–educating our children, police to patrol our streets, firefighters to protect our homes, DPW workers to plow and pave our streets . . . the list goes on. So why should we give away our precious tax dollars to some white dude in a suit with a slick Powerpoint presentation? We need leaders that will invest in the human and infrastructure capital that will enable Syracuse to attract real economic development.

Stephanie has an impressive record of fighting for programs that will benefit our schools, yet is strong enough to hold the school district accountable for its budget. Through her role as the chair of the Council’s Education Committee, Stephanie has realized that just saying the future is our children and handing over a blank check to the SCSD is a dangerous proposition. Without oversight and accountability the increased funding may not accomplish its goals, tarring any future efforts to improve the education received by our children.

Still Racing In The Streets endorses Stephanie Miner for Mayor of Syracuse in 2009.


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  1. I have to agree with you thus far. Stephanie is the only one who has responded quickly to my invitation to all the candidates to weigh in on the Walgreens sign issue (which is actually about sustainable development elsewhere in Eastwood AND in the rest of the city). Maybe the others are just a bit behind in their correspondence. She’s willing to take a stand in favor of local businesses over chains when the latter threaten the fabric of a community.


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