A Sad Farewell–Mr. & Mrs. Robinson

Sean Kirst had an excellent article the other day on the volunteer work that Laura Robinson did at St. Lucy’s Church. Laura is the wife of the recently dismissed head football coach at S.U.–Greg Robinson.

The work that Mrs. Robinson did wasn’t dilettante social work. She worked in a weekly soup kitchen on the city’s Near West side. For three years she pitched dishing out meals, washing pans–whatever was needed. All during a time when the local press and “fans” of S.U. football were howling for her husband’s head on a pike.

I think almost every article about Coach G-Rob started out with his almost unnervingly positive attitude and his concern for others. The problem, as has been related elsewhere, was the almost total inability to recruit, train and field a competitive football team–something the University paid him almost $1 million a year to do.

While Coach Robinson may not have been the right person to coach our team, his tenure has brought to light a very nasty side of our community’s character. We have a problem in this community. Syracuse U. football and basketball is so important to people that the school is put under the microscope by the press and hounded by its fans to win, win, win.

When the University doesn’t win, people with absolutely no connection to the school say and do the most hateful things. They feel that they are owed a winning team. The priorities of this town are completely warped. The abuse heaped upon underperforming players and coaches is not to be believed.

Big time college athletics is not for the fainthearted or the charitable. Unfortunately, decent human beings like the Robinsons get chewed up in the process.


One thought on “A Sad Farewell–Mr. & Mrs. Robinson

  1. agreed. it is also possible, countless times, to win by losing. it may well be that this wasn’t the right moment for greg robinson – but that he will reemerge elsewhere in the way of a belichick or a torre or a marv levy or countless wandering coaches who abruptly find the right place to do their bit.



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