Top 10 Thoughts After Not Watching the Grammy Awards

1) Not watching any of the awards show on TV was something of a mistake, since the musical acts are always a little better than the actual awards. I actually forgot they were on and plowed ahead with my usual HBO Sunday night.

2) An album that I both like and actually own won a bunch of awards! Alison Krauss and Robert Plant swept a bunch of awards–including the top album of the year.

3) I still want to keep calling the Plant/Krauss album “Pounding Sand.”

4) Can I still hate Coldplay? Apparently Mr. Gwyneth Paltrow, the lead singer for the band, dropped some of the lyrics from Bruce’s “Working On A Dream” into their live performance.

5) “Q: Do you know how I know you’re gay? A: You like Coldplay.”
—from the movie 40 Year Old Virgin

6) Led Zeppelin never won a Grammy, hence Robert Plant’s comment: “In the old days we would have called this selling out.”

7) No Grammy love for Radiohead? Yeah, I can still hate Coldplay.

8) Bruce won best rock song for “Girls in Their Summer Clothes” even though the album that it’s on (“Magic) came out about 28 years ago.

9) Was Rihanna/Chris Brown cancellations/domestic violence arrest etc. a Grammy plan to stay viable–in line with fights and shootings at the Vibe annual hip hop awards?

10) I didn’t miss a thing. This is still the group that gave The Clash’s award for “London Calling” to Christopher Cross.


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