Is Dan Maffei A Democrat?

So, our new Congressman Dan Maffei staged a photo op with an about to be laid off Syracuse China worker to explain why he voted for Obama’s economic stimulus bill, recently passed in the House of Representatives.

What irks me is this comment by Rep. Maffei (allegedly D–NY):
“I would have actually liked to see more on the tax cut side because that goes directly to families . . .”

So much for Maffei’s campaign pledge for a “new economy/new jobs.” I think the problem is that when folks hear stimulus, they think transfer payments. Families want a big chunk of money to be sent directly to them. That’s not what this is about.

Our economy will not recover if we blow the money on payments to families, no matter how deserving. The bill provides a modicum of tax relief for folks making less than $150,000/year. But the plan Obama is staking the early days of his Presidency on is mainly an investment and recovery program. The idea is to invest in programs and infrastructure that will create immediate construction jobs, as well as improve the country’s ability to create new jobs and a new economy in the future.

The United States will not be able to maintain its standard of living if we continue to live beyond our means to prop up a consumer culture that accounts for 70% of our Gross Domestic Product.

Our country must invest in education, healthcare, technology and infrastructure (from roads and mass transit to universal broadband access) if we are to harness the undeniable productivity of our workers and again create the innovative goods and services that will create a new, stronger economy.

Show some leadership Dan, don’t pander. Besides, aren’t increasing costs for college and availability of healthcare two of the hot button issues for economically stressed families? Those things can best be addressed with Democratic investments, not watered down Republican tax cuts. Repeat after me, I’m a Democrat and I’m proud!


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