Mount ‘Cusemore

The brilliant S.U. sports blog “Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician” has a fascinating post on what S.U. sports greats faces would be honored on a Mount ‘Cusemore.

He posits three non-negotiable spots: Boeheim, Brown and Davis. I can’t find a way to argue any of those folks off, so that leaves only one spot. I chose Roy Simmons, Jr.–leaving worthies such as Wilmeth Sidat Singh, Donovan McNabb, Ben Schwalzwalder, Carmelo Anthony and Gary Gait on the bench.

I chose Slugger because he was a double threat–player and coach, he won several national championships, he coached many great players that eventually became coaches themselves (especially current head coach John Desko) and his family name bleeds Orange (his father being a coach of lacrosse, football and boxing!)

Among the other stars that deserve mention, but were not mentioned in the poll, I would include

1) Gene Mills 2 time NCAA wrestling champion, cheated out of almost certain Olympic gold by President Jimmy Quitter’s boycott of the 1980 Olympics.

2) Dave Giusti, MLB All Star, pitched the ‘Cuse into the Final 4 of the 1961 College World Series,

3) Marty Glickman, All American football player and track sprinter-cheated out of his chance to run on the gold medal winning 4×100 relay team in the 1936 Berlin Olympics by the anti-Semitic head of the US Olympic Committee.

4) Vic Hanson–captained baseball, football and basketball teams while at the ‘Cuse (1923-27). Played both professional basketball and professional baseball. Enshrined in both the Basketball Hall of Fame and the College Football Hall of Fame.


If you limit the honorees to athletic player records only, I would put forth a Mount ‘Cusemore of:
Ernie Davis, Jim Brown, Gary Gait and Vic Hanson. Quite frankly, I like that set up the best.


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