Jim Rice Is In, Get Over It.

A lot of seamheads are trotting out statistics today to argue that Jim Rice’s performance was not Hall of Fame caliber–contrasting him with other worthies left out and arguing that playing in Fenway gave him an unfair advantage (yeah, all those home runs hit themselves!)

Two points:
1) The Hall of Fame is supposed to honor those ballplayers whose careers are worthy–but doesn’t ever set down the statistical requirements. I would argue that subjective qualities are also legitimate guideposts for considering selection. Players likeJim Rice and the Cubs Ryne Sandberg are in; sabermetrician-faves like Al Oliver are out. No surprise. If you aren’t a seamhead, have you even heard of Al Oliver? Sandberg and Rice were stars in towns that worship baseball.

2) Jim Rice is in and that’s it. Hence my rather juvenile comment on the Bud Poliquin blog post about Jim Rice:

To JohnGalt2112 re: “can we please veto Jim Rice?”
Ha ha ha ha ha–no you can’t!

To Major Orange re: “he’s just not a HOFer.”
Ha ha ha ha ha–yes he is!

See ya in Cooperstown on Sunday July 26th!! It’s a Red Sox Nation, baby!


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