Barack To HUD Employees: “No More Roy Bernardi Appointments.”

Prior to the election, Barack Obama sent letters to career federal employees in seven key agencies to outline how his administration would roll back the policies of the Bush Administration. Obama sent the letters at the behest of John Gage, President of the 600,000 strong American Federation of Government Employees. The letters were signed by Obama and stated forcefully his intention to reverse the policy of the Bush Administration to cut funding for enforcement, hire political cronies and politicize agency’s missions.

The best line cited in the article came in Barack’s letter to HUD employees:
“I am committed to appointing a Secretary, Deputy and Assistant Secretaries who are committed to HUD’s mission and capable of executing it.”

In other words: No more Roy Bernardi-types, the former mayor of Syracuse who rose to the number two spot at HUD due to his political connections, despite having no discernible management skills and a record of mismanaging Syracuse’s HUD-funded programs while Mayor.


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