Red Sox Rock On

Big Papi’s struggled with his wrist injury all year. Manny’s playing for the Dodgers. Mike Lowell has just been officially shut down for the year with his hip injury. Most MLB teams do not recover from events such as these.

Last night’s victory over the L.A. Angels and the Red Sox advancing to the league championship series is a testimony to GM Theo Epstein’s vision. The Sawx are deep, talented and able to respond nimbly to potential roadblocks. The heroes of last night? Jed Lowrie and Jason Bay–the first is just breaking into the big leagues after being developed in the Sox farm system, the latter is the guy they identified to replace Manny and engineered a three-team deal to acquire.

It’s a Red Sox Nation, baby. Fans of the Angels know this in their bones, having lost 11 out of the last 12 post season games they have played against Boston. I’m not so sure the World Series is imminent (the Rays certainly have had our number this year), but then again, the Angels beat the Sox 8 out of 9 in the regular season and they’re already on the golf course!


One thought on “Red Sox Rock On

  1. A Red Sox Fans Perspective.

    So Bring on the Rays.

    You know I always knew we would win it – last night.

    Even when Franconia Took out Lester who was Cruising along – in favor of Sashimi No 2 Because – hey, why would we want to just get the last 6 outs and go home the easy way?
    Obviously he must have had subscribed to the Ned Yost – Magic 8 Ball of Pitcher Selection. I mean tell me you didn’t see him with that 8 Ball in the corner of the Dugout – Asking it – “Should I pull the guy who is Cruising Along, in Favor of the Sushi?”, apparently the 8 Ball came back with “Most Definitely “

    Even when Franconia then took out Sashimi No 2 to put in Rookie No 1,
    Even when Rookie No 1. Walked the First Guy he faced, and Francona stayed with him.
    Although he had Ace Delcarmin Available. (Who – by the fucking way – not weigh – is whomst he should have gone to in the first place if he was gong to pull Lesterffic, guess the 8 Ball Said – “Most Definitely NO!” a

    Even when Franconia left Rookie No 1. In the game to Face Vladimir (we don’t need no stinking batting gloves) GreeeeaaatO – who previously was 5 of 7 off of Rookie No 1.

    Even When Rookie No 1 fucked up the pitch which allowed 2 guys to get into scoring position – Even then I still believed – believed we needed to shoot the Manager.
    (Calling Grady Little – Calling Grady Little – Clean Up on Mound No 1?) HELLO MC FLY???? ANY ONE HOME?????

    Even when Franconia Left Rookie No 1 in to give up a Double to start the Ninth inning- come on? Are you shitting me?

    So what happens- we get out of it due to a botched Suicide Squeeze and some good play and a little luck in the bottom of the Ninth. I will take is – You will take it, but it shouldn’t have ever got there.

    I am as loyal a fan as they come, and I jumped for Joy – but between the 7th Inning and The Joy ……………….

    There was the Magic 8 Ball known as Terry Francona


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