Attention Deficit Disorder Politics

Yeah, I know we have this epic Presidential race, a pretty damn important race to elect a new Congressman in the NY-25 District and the potential to flip both the NY State Legislature and the US Senate Democratic. I know, keep your eyes on the prize.

However, just for fun, sources both inside and outside city government are floating the names of five Democrats and two Republicans gearing up to run for Mayor of Syracuse in 2009:

Democratic side: Stephanie Miner–Councilor At Large; Bea Gonzalez–Common Council President; Phil LaTessa–City Auditor; Rory McMahon–Corporation Counsel; Joe Nicoletti–formerly Common Councilor and NYS Assemblyman

Republican side: Ryan McMahon–Common Council; Randy Wolken–Manufacturers Assn.

In addition: both Van Robinson and Bill Ryan of the Common Council are looking at the Common Council President race.

Discuss amongst yourselves.


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