Bruce At The Democratic Convention

The rumors were floating all over the internet of a solo acoustic Bruce performing at Invesco Field tonight, after Barack Obama’s big speech. That rumor has been pretty much denied by everyone–Obama’s camp and Bruce’s people.

So did anyone else wonder when Mrs. Joe Biden took the microphone last night and informed her just V.P.-nominated husband that the convention “has a special guest”, if Bruce was going to stroll out and perform? After all, the speakers were blaring “The Rising” as the theme song for that happy moment. Alas, it was just Barack!

But Bruce seems to be the only artist that had his original tune played, rather than have it

  • butchered
  • played by the official DNC cover band Ray Chew and The Crew.


    2 thoughts on “Bruce At The Democratic Convention

    1. Thanks for commenting. I just have a thing against cover bands. When you hear an Aretha Franklin song cuing up, you want to hear Aretha. I also wonder why the choice of “The Rising” by the DNC for the Biden nomination celebration. It’s so 9/11 specific you wonder why it was chosen for a celebration.


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