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Good News/Bad News for Rock Music:
The good news is that some people are teaching Bruce Springsteen’s music as if it were The Good News and others are searching through Bob Dylan’s music for insight into our economy.

The bad news is the alleged digital drug, the binaural beat. Listen intently through headphones and get stoned. Black light posters and Pink Floyd are apparently passe.

Los Angeles has imposed a one year moratorium on the establishment of fast food restaurants in South Los Angeles–a neighborhood that is considered a “food desert” because of the lack of fresh food, produce and full service grocery stores. Great idea, but I can’t wait to see the corporate backlash on this one.

Want to make a little extra cash? Rent out your spare bedroom to ABC News.

Great blog find: Peter Holsapple, is a musician with many credits–the dB’s, Holsapple/Stamey, Continental Drifters. He is writing a blog entitled Does This Band Make Me Look Fat? His current post is his experience seeing Bruce live in concert. (Don’t worry–he loves him too!) He’s also writing a series of posts for the New York Times songwriting blog Measure for Measure following his initial idea for a song through to completion (he’s at the demo stage now.)


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