Manny Ramirez

Manny Ramirez

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The Red Sox traded my favorite player, Manny Ramirez, on Thursday in a
three team deal that sent Manny to the Dodgers, Craig Hansen and
Brandon Moss to Pittsburgh and Jason Bay to Boston.

I responded in the manner of the Kubler-Ross stages of grief:

Denial: All the newspapers said it was coming, so I stopped reading the

Anger: How could they trade Manny! I stopped wearing my omnipresent
Red Sox cap for the weekend.

Bargaining: I skipped this one and went right to:

Depression: O.M.G. What if he ends up as a free agent DH next year for
the MF’ing Yankees?

Acceptance: Did you see the weekend Jason Bay had? Triple, HR and the
kind of defensive plays Manny couldn’t have pulled off.

OK: Manny was increasingly disruptive, his productivity was declining
he increasingly sat out against tough pitchers. In modern baseball,
you have to
act while you can and get something for your asset before free agency
you with nothing. Bay looks like a good acquisition.

However, I think a lot of people are grieving for the idea of the
group of shaggy-haired, non-conformists who broke through the World
Championship drought of 86 years. 2004 is only a few years ago, but
the entire lineup is gone.

What’s left is a solid club, a perennial championship contender. Just
a little less
fun to watch.

Good luck Manny. Don’t sign with the MFY or I take back everything
good I said.


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