Link Karma

Things that made me laugh and/or think this week while I was out and about on the internet:

1) I learned everything I need to know about union activism while watching the Season Three box set of “The Office”

2) Cassette tapes are dead. Except in prisons, where they are thriving and in our memories, where they live forever.

3) Remember the naked kid in the pool on the album cover of Nevermind? He’s now a disaffected teen!

4) Policy debate sweeping housing activist circles: Sudhir Venkatesh’s op-ed in the NYT stating that the best way to fight poverty would be to eliminate HUD, transfer its housing funding programs to the Departments of Commerce and Treasury and develop a new cabinet-level agency focusing on developing new models of regional cooperation and development. Here’s a lefty critique of Venkatesh by Peter Dreier on the National Housing Institute blog.

5) The solution to the problems in the Middle East? ROCK ‘N’ ROLL!!!! Rock is still the music of resistance in some areas and not the bland background soundtrack of consumption it is in America.


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