Clay Buchholz & Mike Timlin In Syracuse

Clay Buchholz In Syracuse

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Clay Buchholz pitched Pawtucket to a victory over the Syracuse Chiefs last night.
I went to see the young Red Sox phenom and got
a chance to also see Mike Timlin, the iron man of the Red Sox’s
bullpen in both of their championship seasons.

Buchholz was not dominant last night in his five innings, although he
gave up only a couple of hits and no runs.
Second baseman Joe Thurston was the star of the game, with two RBI’s
and several nice plays in the field.
The infield bailed Buchholz out with three double plays and errorless
play in the field. Timlin came in to relieve
Buchholz in the sixth and set down the home team 1-2-3. I think he
threw all of six pitches. He looks healthy.

Even though the game was played through a persistent drizzle, I had a
great time. There were tons of Sox fans out
flying the colors. In Boston, there is some sniping about poseurs
and folks jumping on the bandwagon.
The blogs are aflame with debates on being a “real” Sox fan. For
those of us in the hinterlands of Red Sox
Nation, the debate is silly. I don’t care if you’re wearing a pink
Sox hat or don’t know the 1967 Impossible Dream team
starting line up. All I know, there were more Ortiz, Papelbon.
Lowell, Dice K, Lester, Ramirez (even a Derek Lowe!)
shirts in evidence last night than Posada, Jeter and A-Rod shirts. In
the middle of Yankee country.


2 thoughts on “Clay Buchholz & Mike Timlin In Syracuse

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  1. I too was at the game last night. I took my dad for his Father’s Day present and getting to see Buchholz pitch was the icing on the cake. That kid has a mean arm on him, he does. Fellow Red Sox fan co-workers were mighty jealous of me today. 🙂


  2. Beth

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. When I checked yours out, I wondered how you had time to even get out a game! I grew up a Red Sox fan here in CNY (the middle of the Evil Empire Yankees fan base) and the best development is my lifetime is the flowering of Red Sox Nation here. Everywhere I go I see hats, shirts, people talking about Manny, Big Papi and Youk.

    Thanks again.


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