2008 All Star Game

I just voted the maximum 25 times in the online voting for the 2008 MLB All Star game. My picks:

American League:
1B: Kevin Youkilis, Red Sox
2B: Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox
SS: Orlando Cabrera, White Sox
3B: Mike Lowell, Red Sox
C: Jason Varitek, Red Sox
OF: Manny Ramirez, Red Sox
OF: Coco Crisp, Red Sox
OF: JD Drew, Red Sox
Write In: OF: Jacoby Ellsbury, Red Sox

American League–entire Red Sox starting line up, except for White Sox shortstop Orlando Cabrera–he played for the Red Sox 2004 champs and the Sox should never have let him go.

National League
1B: Prince Fielder, Brewers
2B: Dan Uggla, Mariners
SS: Hanley Ramirez, Mariners
3B: Nomar Garciaparra, Dodgers
C: Josh Bard, Padres
OF: Rick Ankiel, Cardinals
OF: Ryan Braun, Brewers
OF: Kosuke Fukudome, Cubs

Ramirez. Garciaparra and Bard are all former Sox. Ankiel is best story in baseball, washing out as a pitcher and then working way back to majors as an outfielder. Fukudome has the most fun name in baseball. I sort of like the Brewers and think both Fielder and Braun are legitimate All Stars. Uggla the only name I recognized in NL 2b’ers list.


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