Syracuse Invitational Tourney–Sweet 16

Retail/Dining Bracket

8) Doug’s Fish v. 13) Mother’s Cupboard
My heart can’t take a restaurant where everything is deep fat fried too much longer and the S.I.T. rewards the small and funky establishment over the chain–even a local one. Mother’s soldiers on.

6) Dinosaur BBQ v. 15) Green Hills grocery
Can an independent grocery store compete against real BBQ, bikers, blues etc. Nope. Order me a Pork Carolina sandwich and my two sides will be ass-kicking chili and tomato/cucumber salad.

Arts/Entertainment Bracket

1) NY State Fair v. 12) Benny Mardones
OK, time to get real. Benny’s ride is over. But let’s try and get him a gig at Chevy Court during the Fair.

6) Syracuse Film Fest v. 15) Puppet Museum
Movies are just more entertaining than puppets, unless you’re a youngster. The S.I.T. hates wholesome family fare.

Recreation/Sports bracket

1) Syracuse U. Basketball v. 12) Clinton Sq. Ice Rink
Memories of S.U. Hoops are crowned by 2003 NCAA Championship. Memories of ice skating include being frozen to death, falling repeatedly and practically breaking my ankles. Let’s Go Orange!

3) Syracuse U. Lacrosse v. 15) Fairmount Glen mini-golf
Laxers on a roll, steamroll over this gem of a mini-golf course. If its any consolation, all the former W. Genny stars that went on to SU lax fame probably played the course a time or two.

Government and Industry bracket

1) Syracuse University v. 5) Matt Driscoll
Most powerful and influential official in town? Definitely ain’t da mayor. Nancy Cantor wins without even breaking a sweat.

3) Joanie Mahoney v. 2) Crouse/SUNY hospitals
The only way Crouse could pull this one off is by performing heart bypass surgery on the County Exec, where they are amongst the most likely hospitals in the state to kill the patient. Joanie’s charmed year continues.

Elite Eight:
Mother’s Cupboard v. Dinosaur BBQ
NY State Fair v. Syracuse Film Fest
S.U. Basketball v. SU. Lacrosse
Syracuse University v. Joanie Mahoney


One thought on “Syracuse Invitational Tourney–Sweet 16

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  1. Benny’s ride is over? Am I reading that correctly? (Arts/Entertainment Bracket).
    I do NOT think so!!!
    Why do people insist that his career is over? The man should be an International Superstar and it’s only because of a series of unfortunate circumstances, including bad management and promotion, that he isn’t!!!
    Show up at the Inner Harbor Amphitheatre on August 15th and you will see how many people love and adore him! I’m personally driving more than 4 hours just to be there!!! It ain’t over til it’s over and that’s gonna be a long time from now!!!
    There is no better singer/songwriter on the planet! He is THE VOICE!!!


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