Syracuse Invitational Tourney–Final Four

City Semi-Finals

6) Dinosaur BBQ v. 1) N.Y. State Fair
Dinosaur faces an insurmountable challenge. One of the many attractions at the Fair is . . . Dinosaur BBQ! The Fair even has the free music, cheap booze and if you swing over to the NYS Police tent, the motorcycles.
In an ironic twist, we’ll celebrate the NY State Fair’s victory by taking a heaping plate of Dinosaur BBQ over to Chevy Court and settle in for the Joan Jett show. We’ll probably sneak back after for some Gianelli sausage, too!

3) Syracuse U. Lacrosse v. 1) Syracuse University
Even though Nancy Cantor signs the coach’s checks and ponies up the player’s scholarships, S.U. Lacrosse blows the University out of the water. Why? The most successful athletic team at a University obsessed with big-time athletics is not treated with the same respect as the two other “big-ticket” sports. Boeheim and Robinson make more money than the Chancellor. I’ll bet that some lousy physics professor makes more than Coach Desko. Football and basketball players get full ride scholarships, laxers all get partials. It’s about RESPECT baby and no one in town knows more about Final Fours than S.U. Lacrosse!

S.I. T. Championship Game

1) NY State Fair v. 3) Syracuse U. Lacrosse
Well, S.U. Lacrosse may have won 10 National Championships, but it went to over 20 Final Fours. It’s not going to win this one either. Nothing speaks to the soul of a CNY’er like the New York State Fair. Tom Young went from Fair director to Mayor and it was probably a demotion. The Fair gives us a last summer blow-out before school and work get serious again, as well as some memories of blue skies and warm weather before the gray and cold envelope us for 5 months. Toss down a brewski (or wine slushie), eat some fried dough, go on the rides and celebrate the winner of the Syracuse Invitational Tournament–the New York State Fair.


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