Syracuse Invitational Tourney–Elite 8

Retail/Dining bracket

13) Mother’s Cupboard v. 6) Dinosaur BBQ
It’s been a good run, but hey, the S.I.T. can only eat so many pancakes. Order me a half rack of ribs with coleslaw and black beans and rice.

Arts/Entertainment bracket

1) NY State Fair v. 6) Syracuse Film Fest
Film Fest is a rising star, but no match for the Fair food, music and the cute animals.

Recreation/Sports bracket

1) Syracuse U. Basketball v. 3) Syracuse U. Lacrosse
The toughest match-up in the tourney’s toughest bracket. Lacrosse in a major upset. Keys to victory: a) 10 national tournament championships v. 1 for hoopsters. b) Buy tickets at door and sit in the front row. c) CNY represents on lax roster.

Government/Industry bracket
1) Syracuse University v. 3) Joanie Mahoney
Joanie’s still a little green, so her roll ends here. Nancy Cantor wins the match up of the two most powerful individuals in town. However, both look to be contenders for years.


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