Syracuse Invitational Tourney Round 2, Pt. 2

Retail/Dining Bracket

6) Dinosaur BBQ v. 3) Target
A clean, well-lighted chain store v. a rockin’ rib joint with tattooed waittresses and bikers parked out front. For Round 2’s victory party I think I’ll have the Drunken Spicy Shrimp.

10) Kelley’s bar v. 15) Green Hills supermarket
They’re both neighborhood places, but I’m getting to the age where baked goods are more enticing than draft beer. Green Hills at the buzzer.

Arts/Entertainment Bracket

6) Syracuse Film Fest v. 14) “B” Movie Fest
Ordinarily B Movies would knock off film in the S.I.T., but the more highbrow event once brought Bobcat Goldthwait to town to talk about a movie he made that involved a girl and a dog and . . . well, I don’t know what highbrow is anymore. “A” Movies win.

7) Everson Museum v. Puppet Museum
Lots and lots of ceramics or giant puppets. I can look at a lot of old tea cups in my cupboards. The S.I.T. nod goes to the giant puppets.

Recreation/Sports Bracket

6) Green Lakes v. 3) S.U. Lacrosse
In the toughest bracket, the toughest contest. Because the weather sucks right now, SU lacrosse and their 10 championships win by a nose. If it was bright and sunny when I typed this . . .?

7) Mountain Goat run v. 15) Fairmount Glen miniature golf
No brainer for the generally out of shape S.I.T. Another hole in one for the prettiest mini golf place in the world.

Government/Industry bracket

11) Franklin Car Co. v. 3) Joanie Mahoney
An easy victory for Joanie over an opponent only marginally more dead than Bill Magnarelli’s lackluster County Exec. campaign.

7) Carrier Corp. v. 2) Crouse/SUNY Upstate hospitals
Less a contest than an instructional video on changes in the American economy at the millennium. Just as in life, the service economy deals a death blow to manufacturing.


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