Syracuse Invitational Tournament Round 1, Pt. 2

Retail/Dining Bracket

6) Dinosaur BBQ v. 11) Antonio’s
Jeff, Dinosaur fell to a No. 6 seed? C’mon. Order me a Big Ass Pork Plate while I go check out some graffiti in the john. Dinosaur in a blowout.

3) Target v. 14) Lemon Grass
I can’t afford Lemon Grass, I’ll stick with Erawan on Erie Blvd. Target advances. (full disclosure: my patio furniture is from Target.)

7) Pasquale’s Liquor Square v. 10) Kelley’s Bar, Onondaga Hill.
S.I.T. loves neighborhood anything. Kelley’s triumphs.

2) Wegman’s v. 15) Green Hills
Too big to fail? Not in the S.I.T. America’s best small grocery store prevails in a stunning upset. I’m still going to go to Wegman’s Dewitt store for produce, but I hate it when I miss the shuttle bus over to the baked goods section. God knows I’m not walking over.

Arts/Entertainment Bracket

6) Syracuse International Film Festival v. 11) Lafayette Apple Fest
Everyone in Syracuse knows you go to pick apples in Lafayette on any weekend EXCEPT Apple Fest weekend. Cool new kid wins.

3) Jazz Fest v. 14) “B” Movie Fest
S.I.T. values city events and punishes entertainment my parents would have liked. “B” Movie Fest at the renovated Palace trounces Old People’s Music Fest. Jeff–where’s the freakin’ Blues Fest?

7) Everson Museum v. 10) Salt Museum
OK, this seems like a prime S.I.T. upset. But has anyone ever gone to the Salt Museum of their own volition? It exists for field trips. Everson offers more, despite the fact that the only really interesting art is its building.

2) Syracuse Symphony v. 15) Puppet Museum
Symphony is the “Even Older People’s Music Fest” Allows suburbanites opportunity to complain about how “dangerous” it is downtown. Puppet group lends giant puppets to street protests. Best mascots in tournament win big upset.

Recreation/Sports Bracket

6) Green Lakes State Park v. 11) Baltimore Woods
Two solid squads–go with the water and the doggies. Green Lakes in tough win.

3) S.U. Lacrosse v. 14) downhill skiing
Ahhh, all’s right again. The lax team’s humming and even Gary Gait’s back (albeit with the woman’s team.) Don’t make plans Memorial Day weekend Coach Desko.

7) Mountain Goat Run v. 10) ice fishing
I’ll never do either, but the Goat used to run right by my house. Good enough for a first round victory.

2) S.U. Football v. 15) Fairmount Glen Miniature Golf.
Fun for the whole family, reasonable price, beautiful facility–I’m talking the mini golf, here. I grew up when SU football sucked, it got great for awhile, now it sucks again. Who cares. S.U. Football loses again, big (yawn) surprise.

Government/Industry Bracket

6) Marsellus Casket Co. v. 11) Franklin Car Co.
What, SCM Typewriter not dead enough for you Jeff? I’ll go with the car company because Richard Nixon is buried in a Marsellus Casket. Logic? Random.

3) Joanie Mahoney v. 14) Time Warner Cable
Another disqualification. Cable company thought game was anywhere between 9 am and 4 PM Tuesday. They showed up at 8:30 AM Wednesday, catching the S.I.T in the shower. Another victory for Joanie.

7) Carrier Corp. v. 10) Metropolitan Development Association
Remember when Carrier was a No. 1 seed? No more. Remember when the M.D.A. convinced No. 1 seeds to relocate to Syracuse? Neither do I. Carrier wins on muscle memory alone.

2) Crouse Hospital/SUNY Upstate v. 15) OCRRA
Remind me again how burning trash, releasing toxic fumes and producing negligible electrical power that no homeowner can use relates to recycling. Rare powerhouse victory.


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