Teaching Kids To Think, Rather Than Kill

I must admit I’m a sucker for this kind of thing.  The state of Idaho announced that it is establishing a state-wide chess curriculum for second and third grade students. Teaching kids in school some relatively esoteric skill that promotes thinking and mental discipline is something that I believe is a great way to promote lifelong learning.

Anything to keep kids away from freaking video games. Now we learn that video games are the premiere manner to introduce war and combat to the next generation of military cannon fodder, as the New York Times points out in a terrifying article “Facing the Horrors of Distant Battlefields With a TV and Console”:

“an entire postdraft generation of young men has had its perception of war shaped in some measure by video games. Games are perhaps the final mass-entertainment medium that regularly includes portrayals of modern war; gamers may be the last audience ready to consume them. The military figured this out a long time ago. Since 2002 the Army has developed and distributed a game called America’s Army that is explicitly meant as a recruiting tool and which now has more than eight million registered players.”


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