Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Suozzi

OK, one post and one post only on the man formerly known as “The Steamroller,” now known as Client 9. Why Spitzer needs to resign, even if no criminal charges are brought against him:

1) For giving asshats like Bruno and Tedisco a soapbox to stand up on and continue to bloviate from–delaying real consideration of New York’s needs.  We’re in for yet another year of bullshit from Albany.

2) For participating in a business that exploits and objectifies women, often subjecting the participants to violence and abuse.  Victimless crime, my ass.  Ask Client 9 if he’d like one of his three daughters to enter into this “lucrative” trade.

3) His usefulness to reform in NY government has been irretrievably lost.  How can anyone take anything he says seriously?  All we will be thinking about is how the governor apparently doesn’t like to use condoms.  

So, do we have to talk about this anymore?  Get Patterson in there and let’s get a budget. 


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