Power Resignation, Sad But Necessary

Samantha Power, a foreign policy advisor to Senator Obama, resigned from the campaign today after her comments in a Scottish newspaper interview. She called Senator Clinton “a monster” and said that she is “stooping to anything” to win the nomination.

My thoughts:
1) Power had to go. It would have been even better if Obama had dismissed her himself rather than allowing her to resign. If your campaign is based on transcending the politics of fear and intimidation, you can’t allow yourself to fall into the mire.

2) Samantha Power was one of the reasons I bought into the Obama campaign so early and an example of why I believe there really is a great deal of difference on foreign policy ideology between Obama and Clinton.

Obama’s foreign policy realizes that in an inter-dependent world events that happen anywhere have consequences for the U.S. His philosophy is also less attached to projection of military power, but to increase the use (and value) of so-called soft power–diplomacy, trade, humanitarian assistance. This is the kind of thinking that would help our country avoid misadventures like Iraq and heal the wounds caused by the Bush Administration’s embrace of torture and unilateral military force.

3) While Power may have been impolitic with the “stoops to anything” comment, many others have been saying and writing the same thing. It was the “monster” comment that was beyond the pale and she knew it the moment she uttered it–immediately telling the reporter that the comment was off the record.

4) The Clintons must be relishing this and not just for the tactical campaign advantage. The Clintons get a measure of revenge for her Pulitzer Prize winning book “A Problem From Hell–America and the Age of Genocide.” Power eviscerated Bill’s cowardly policy of inaction during the Rwandan genocide. Funny how Hillary never mentions Rwanda as part of her experience in the Clinton White House that has left her ready to lead on Day One.


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