Bruce’s iPod

In addition to a good interview, this USA Today feature lets you scroll through what purports to be Bruce’s iPod! Among the rock ‘n’ roll rave-ups, older country, folk and blues and some newer indie rock, I notice something that’s gotta make one former Syracusan smile. Back in the day, as the lead guitarist and singer for the gritty local bar band The Works, Ed Hammell wore a Bruce badge on his guitar strap and talked often of his Springsteen mania. Well, Bruce is returning the favor.  He’s got Hammell On Trial’s song “Oughta Go Around” on his iPod.

This is the closest I’m going to get to Springsteen this week–I’m going to have to settle for this and updates from the various Bruce sites (and perhaps youtube) because I’m not going to the Rochester or Buffalo shows on Thursday and Friday. Sigh! I’m a grown-up with work and family responsibilities and an aversion to spending ungodly amounts of money on a show I saw just a couple of months ago. 


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  1. Oh dear…Sorry you missed Rochester…it was a helluva show…Sometimes you just have to jump in two feet…spend the money …get a babysitter…you can’t put a price
    on history making…and inspiration…


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